Old Town is the name given to the historic district on the island of Key West, Florida. It is the western half of the island, with the exception of the Historic Seaport district, and it is where the central business district and majority of tourist attractions are located.

The Key West Historic District is a U.S. historic district (designated as such on March 11, 1971), and it encompassed approximately 4,000 acres, bounded by White, Angela, Windsor, Passover, Thomas and Whitehead Streets, and the Gulf of Mexico. It contained 187 historic buildings and 1 structure.

On February 24, 1983, the district was expanded to 5,400 acres, bounded by Emma, Whitehead, White, and South Streets, Mallory Square, and the Atlantic Ocean, to contain 2,485 historic buildings and 4 structures.

Old Town
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Map of Old Town, Key West (to the credit of KeyWestTravelGuide.com)